Just a Reader …

I never blogged before because found I was just updating my blog and social media with my reading.

I’m now worried that my booklikes account will go the way of Visual Bookshelf, FictFact, Shelfari, Leafmarks, Reading Room and pre-amazon-owned-goodreads — so decided I needed my own space in case. UPDATE: Booklikes has died.

Until shutdown or sold to censuring commercial interests I can be found on booklikes, LibraryThing and Libib. I keep a small presence on goodreads because of my groups but don’t review there or trust my book catalog. I’m on Pinterest but don’t track books there. I’m also on Bloglovin.

I am very opinionated about my own personal reading experiences — no use confronting me about it. Generally, my review statistics will be artificially high. That’s not because I always rate a book high; that’s because I seldom bother with books I don’t like to read.

This blog is new to me.

Eventually I’ll figure out how to set up a thread in case anyone wants to recommend a read to me — but, I do not accept book submissions, promise reviews, or even accept ARCs from authors I don’t “know.” I also don’t review on amazon or goodreads so I may not be the blogger you’d want anyway.

Nothing to disclose — no product affiliates, marketing connections, etc. Just me and books I obtained like any other member of general public unless otherwise noted in the post.