★★★★½ “Emerald Blaze” by Ilona Andrews, Hidden Legacy #5

Neither did I, but unlike Leon, I would be highly unlikely to shoot each of them through the left eye “for symmetry reasons.”

REVIEW – I am still loving the “Hidden Legacy” series from Ilona Andrews. I never warmed up to the Kate Daniels books despite liking some of the short stories. But this one is firing on all cylinders. I dropped my star rating slightly just because I wasn’t happy with the romantic outcome for Catalina. Catalina, however, is definitely coming into her own with this book. Not sure how much I can say without spoilers, but Catalina is dealing with her “secret” job for Lucien and the pressure from paternal grandmother.

We had accepted this job pro bono, because snatching a service animal from a child in a wheelchair was a heinous act and someone had to make it right.

For more details on the book, see publisher page at https://www.harpercollins.com/products/emerald-blaze-ilona-andrews?variant=32204521144354

I’m back. Booklikes is not.

I started this right in time for our current plague and lost some motivation. Sadly, my main book site (booklikes) is now defunct. Not even sure I can get to my blog posts there to move to this one.

At any rate, I should be more active posting here. And on other book sites as shown below. I won’t ever review again on goodreads nor trust them with my book catalog (I’ll catalog my books there but trust this blog, Libib and LibraryThing to be the real data).

This month was end of booklikes for me (I was “Debbie’s Spurts” at http://donealrice.booklikes.com). I really wanted to hang in there. To be honest, fictfact dying hurt me worse because booklikes’ ending wasn’t a surprise.

I’m happy to join you fellow goodreads, Shelfari, fictfact and booklikes refugees in whatever you do here on WordPress and BlogLovin — if I am not following your blogs already, please comment letting me know..

I’ve managed up until this year to mirror my reading status and reviews on booklikes to LibraryThing and to Libib just in case. But I sure lost a lot of other content unless can get back in long enough to rescue.

On LibraryThing I’m at https://www.librarything.com/profile/Spurts .

Libib has pretty much no social but it’s a place to at least catalog my books in case LT dies or sells to amazon. Has excellent data import and export for backup. It does keep saying will be adding social features (and does let you review). I’m http://spurts.libib.com/ there

On Goodreads I had been tracking my currently reading but not making any reviews (because I pretty much only was active in a couple of groups) — and I still don’t have the heart to try reviewing on Goodreads again or trusting them with my book shelves. I’ll be more diligent about keeping my book tracking there up to date and likely share some statuses in addition to group activities. I’m https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/6282458 on goodreads.