Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon — October 2020

Boy it’s strange to remember how excited I used to be for this. To be locked in at home and just read for hours, LOL.

I just finished a run to the airport. Rather strange to just drive past the Las Vegas Strip without stopping.

In terms of planned snacks, also a bad idea because I already ate them instead of fixing breakfast. Hey, they were handy and I was up at 3 am.

Not sure how often I’ll be posting or what challenges. I didn’t volunteer to moderate anything so free to just read and catch up on posting as I feel like it.

First up will be Kitty’s Mix Tape by Carrie Vaughn, an anthology featuring tales of her Kitty Norville series.

New favorite … microwaving steaming devices and gardening groups

Now that I’m cooking at home more (and for just one) — I’m starting to really love the microwave steam bags and the personal/for-one sized microwave steamers. Bags are more convenient because just toss when done but the actual steamers don’t have to be restocked.

I know, such a boring time, eh?

I’m not advertising for any brand or type. But I do prefer the steam bags that have a chart printed right on them showing recommended microwave times for various foods.

Most days during this shutdown, I’m guilty of planning meals on least amount of prep and cleanup based on food on hand.

On facebook, I’m starting to really enjoy the gardening groups. Didn’t think I would because I do have spring fever and miss gardens, woods, ponds, etc. from Kentucky now that I live in Nevada. But flowers and even what’s-this-weed posts are cheering me up and passing the time.

Clearly I’ve been very bad about keeping up this blog. To be honest, that’s partly because I started in a panic that a favorite online book community I reviewed on might disappear. But I do have good intentions of doing better.

Well, doing better when my brain is more normal. Right now, I’m am so all over the place–when I write it’s so jumpy and fragmented. What’s your favorite discovery or activity during this?

Next read?

The TBR pile is just … useless.

I have a few books I don’t want to start where the previous books in series have absolutely wow’ed me. But I keep putting off starting because then they will be over. There’s a point in this pandemic where I think I might need them.

In the meantime, I did wolf through Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs. Reminds me I need to figure out spoiler tags on WordPress before I can review it.

Then I tried a few lighter fare, Kindle Unlimited freebies and assorted friend recommendations that I couldn’t finish. Some were awful and some I think I just wasn’t in the mood.

One of my huge roadblocks is that I really miss That’s where I really kept track of the TBR. Could see series at a glance. Had a new release calendar to alert me when new in my series came out.

Another friend just finishing a series asked for recommendations for new series; that made me mentally go through some I remembered.

Somehow I missed two new releases in Abby Cooper Psychic Eye. Probably because not my usual fair as the paranormal or psychic elements don’t play that huge a part. More chick lit and cozy mystery.

I think the two new to me Abby books might suit. Abby gives a shit about people, always tries to help. Has actual relationships with more than the lust interest. Often “help” looks more like something Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz would do — but that’s part of the fun.


I’m finally starting a blog with my own reading (and assorted) experiences. Bear with me as I figure this stuff out and move over older reviews.

Put it off a long time because I was happy and active on a lot of book sites. Short version of that: many died, many were shut down or taken over by a retail site, many changed to want endless book promotions, many now have inactive staff where possibly closing …

Now if I can just find a way to reproduce the defunct FictFact features here I will be a happy reader.