New favorite … microwaving steaming devices and gardening groups

Now that I’m cooking at home more (and for just one) — I’m starting to really love the microwave steam bags and the personal/for-one sized microwave steamers. Bags are more convenient because just toss when done but the actual steamers don’t have to be restocked.

I know, such a boring time, eh?

I’m not advertising for any brand or type. But I do prefer the steam bags that have a chart printed right on them showing recommended microwave times for various foods.

Most days during this shutdown, I’m guilty of planning meals on least amount of prep and cleanup based on food on hand.

On facebook, I’m starting to really enjoy the gardening groups. Didn’t think I would because I do have spring fever and miss gardens, woods, ponds, etc. from Kentucky now that I live in Nevada. But flowers and even what’s-this-weed posts are cheering me up and passing the time.

Clearly I’ve been very bad about keeping up this blog. To be honest, that’s partly because I started in a panic that a favorite online book community I reviewed on might disappear. But I do have good intentions of doing better.

Well, doing better when my brain is more normal. Right now, I’m am so all over the place–when I write it’s so jumpy and fragmented. What’s your favorite discovery or activity during this?

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