Cheese Side Up – Social Distancing Day 11

Amused me to see directions on some frozen potato skins saying to place on baking sheet cheese size up. With the ventilated pizza pan I was using, boy would the other way have made a mess. On the other hand, who would place them cheese side down?

At any rate, I went out today because needed to mail a tax item certified mail (post office full of literal red tape to denote how far to stand back and limiting to only 10 persons at a time and encouraging everyone to use self-service kiosk — but seemed well staffed).

Heard rumor of toilet paper in at Super Walmart near me so braved it. Yes, they had a few 4-packs of generic — but only behind the customer service desk and limited to one item per person. I got mine and texted the neighbors exactly that and one of them told me to pick them up a pack. Hello? Limit 1 so how would I pick one up for myself and one for them without being accused of hoarding or having something saying I was a caregiver buying for others?

I’m in pretty good shape supply wise and all utilities are working. Plus I have decent neighbors. Not a hoarder but I tend to stock up over the months as items go on sale or shop warehouse packs because don’t like shopping for the necessities (or forget I had something on subscribe and save).

I had some birthday amazon gift cards and some credits loaded in my account and spent some time looking at local charity donation wishlists. I was able to send almost nothing, everything pretty wiped out, out of stock, not sure when will be available again. Of course the shelters and Ronald McDonald House and basically everyone in the world other than hoarders is in need of disinfectant wipes, tp, food items, etc. I was able to send some pet food items to a couple of shelters but not exactly what was on wishlist (I just looked up their address and had amazon ship there, didn’t even try to navigate how to drop things curbside).

Hearing from relatives and neighbors back in Kentucky, I am glad I am here. Lots of mine work for Ford Plant, Amazon distribution centers and even the welcome center / rest area on I-65 between Louisville and Bernheim Forest. All three places have employees testing positive for COVID19. No one I know has the symptoms or been tested positive yet, but some are self-isolating and others are employed by places not letting them self-isolate.

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