Uncorking – Social Distancing Day 14

Stared at the wine a while before deciding to open this one even if had no one to share. Had a successful quick run to a grocery store after a senior neighbor reported toilet paper, ground beef and microwave popcorn were in stock so it worked for a nicer than normal lunch.

Randomly looking through my TBR books, I decided to read some anthologies. I’m not a big short story reader — there are authors, in my opinion, who are very good at short stories and others who are not where winds up like a teaser or excerpt of one of many modern authors’ other books. Don’t even get me started on retelling same stories from different character points of view — that’s a big hit or miss with me, definitely should add something to either the story or the characters.

This time, found some good ones and some leads on other book series I will be trying. So glad my difficulty concentrating or getting motivated to do much of anything made me try some shorter works.

Finally missed something about Kentucky other than loved ones — actually started to go out to grab some cuttings of lettuce, spinach, mint and herbs because that what I used to do in April leading up to when I would start the tomato seeds and examine the orchard buds and bark. Then remembered, nope, left the herb garden, cold frames, cutting gardens, orchard, vegetable garden, the quinces, the bulb gardens, the flowering moonlight …

I haven’t regretted it. I loved my gardens when was younger and stronger, but I know I would not have been able to keep caring for them. Out here in the desert with just the front yard plants builder placed and HOA requires me to keep until one dies and I can replace it is about all I can handle of yard work.

And, at that, the builder was in a hurry to be done with subdivision and get bond back from city where as one of the last houses I think they randomly dumped plants in my yard. The other homes have somewhat of a grid of plants regularly spaced, mine look dumped except that the sprinkler heads were placed mostly close. The other homes have a tree and at most an ornamental grass, nothing close to sidewalk. Mine, lots of ornamental grasses I am about to accidentally kill because sick to death of trimming back to sidewalk and invading my tiny porch — and I admit nothing about the third and forth trees that were already tearing up the sidewalk and my driveway which were mysteriously replaced with a bay and a rosemary.

Unlike neighbors, until I planted the one rosemary I have nothing with a color variation or flowering. Nor, except for two trees, something I would have expected to do well in the Las Vegas climate — I was actually looking forward to having a few native plants and had been researching. Maybe next year; I finally got my electric timmer unpacked and ready to go as soon as I have hand strength which should help with the grass issues.

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